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“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.”
﹣Bo Jackson

Where Legends Come to Play

During the annual Rochester Softball Hall of Fame induction ceremony and banquet, we recognize individuals who have demonstrated hard work, devotion, and good attitudes on and off the field with the Art Held and John Warren awards.

We invite players, coaches, and Hall of Fame inductees throughout Rochester, NY, Monroe County, and beyond to join us for this very special celebration!

Softball Award Recipient - Rochester Softball Hall of Fame - Rochester, New York

Art Held Award

The Art Held Award was established to honor an intense competitor who would also take care of the fields. One of the greatest fast-pitch hurlers of all time, Art would devote time teaching local high school girls the finer aspects of softball pitching. Art was known for wearing a perpetual smile on his face. A veteran of World War II, Art gave as much off the field as he did on. These characteristics epitomize the winners of the Art Held Award.

Who was Art?

One of the greatest fast-pitch softball hurlers of all-time, Art started more than 1,800 games in a career that spanned nearly five decades. He finished his career with a winning percentage above 70 percent and tossed 102 no-hitters. He pitched in three world tournament qualifiers and played in six national and world tournaments. He was a player/manager for Eastman Kodak’s teams from 1969-1983, and later would devote time teaching local high school girls the finer aspects of softball pitching.

Art was known for wearing a perpetual smile on his face. After winning numerous city titles in Elmira and Rochester, he retired from playing in 1992 at age 66. In addition to managing Kodak’s teams, he also took care of the fields at Kodak Park and Elmgrove.

Art was a veteran of World War II and was honored with a bronze star. He was inducted into the Elmira Hall of Fame in 1984, the New York State Hall of Fame in 1994, the Rochester Hall of Fame in 2010 and the Frontier Field Walk of Fame in 2010. Because of his outstanding achievements, the RSA has created the “Art Held Award” in his honor.

Previous Art Held Recipients

2017 – Charlie Burroughs

2018 – Bob Hyatt

2019 – Red Fedele

2021 – Phil Argento

John Warren Award

The John Warren recipient is an ambassador of the game. Someone whose rarefied beliefs, integrity, and attitude are an example to everyone they come in contact with. On the field, they value the game and their teammates. Off the field, just an all-around wonderful person. These are the attributes that John embodied.

Who was Johnny?

A true mainstay in the sport of slo-pitch softball, John Warren was part of many prominent moments in the history of Rocheter softball. Playing for Mazzola/Castle, Johnny helped the team win three World championship games in 1977, 1980, and 1987.

Johnny was also a player, coach, and manager for the Rochester Express/Rochester Zeniths, the region’s first and only professional slo-pitch softball team. Later on, he co-managed the Pace/Worth team and ranked #1 in the Northeast for three years.

Through the John Warren award, Johnny’s ambassadorship and spirit lives on in the Rochester softball community.

John Warren Winners

2010 – Alan Klee
2011- Don Beeley
2012 – Ken Mundt
2013 – Dave Eike
Mark Evens
2014 – Paul DeVaney
Michael Luciano
2015 – Pete Gores
Mike Allen
2016 – Julian Ruiz
2017 – Rich Rago
2018 – Mike Bellapianta
2018 – Phil Krasnoff
2019 – Jim Kraus
Bill Kreger
2021 – Bobby Baziw
Sammy Gallo
2022 – Joe Colombo
John Diehl
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Rochester Softball Hall of Fame - Rochester, New York

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